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Hi Roxanne,

This email is a little belated. Tucker (previously Jackson) turned two years old on February 6th and we wanted to share with you some updated photos.

We just adore him- as does everyone who meets him. He loves people, making new doggie friends, taking trips to the Adirondacks,

and is such a good boy. We hope this note finds you and your family well! Thank you for such a joy in our lives. We are so grateful for such a smart, wonderful dog!!!

Dear Roxanne,

I don’t know if you remember me, but I purchased a puppy from you 4 years ago – is the best Lab ever. I have attached a few pics for you.  We just love him.

Thanks a lot!

Hello Roxanne!

We wanted to send you a picture of our Cooper from your July 16, 2014 litter. He is the best puppy ever! So gentle and even tempered!  He is a fabulous companion! We love him beyond words! Thank you for a superb quality puppy!

From: Michele


I wanted to thank you so much for your hospitality and to let you know how great of a gift Meah is to our family. She is perfect in every way and we are simply in love with her.
I will refer you to everyone I know!


Baily was officially named Bella Mia Boonedocks. You can tell she is growing very fast, and having a lot of fun with Abby. She has the sweetest personality and gets along well with everyone that she meets. Thank you so much for her. I will send along pictures every so often.

Take Care,


He’s adjusting just fine! We took him to the vet a couple times already. He is up to date on his shots. He is such a love! Danica


Hi Roxanne.  Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you to let you know how Bella is doing, she’s doing great.   My sister brought her down to me the following day after she picked her up.  she had her check up the first week and all is good.  she went back the following week and got a shot.  She likes riding in my truck so she goes everywhere I go.   She sleeps in her crate all night with out making a sound.  We went to lake and she played  in water.  As far as house breaking, she messed in house once on first day.  She has not gone in house anymore.   She goes to door and cries when she wants to go out.   She is the sweetest, good looking, quick learning puppy that anyone could ever ask for. I will keep you up to date on how she’s doing in the future.    I attached a couple of pictures to let you know what she looks like now.    Will keep in touch.    Ed

Hi, Roxanne.  I just wanted to share with you how much we are enjoying little Sienna.  She rode home on my lap and she was so good.  That night she whined a little when we went to bed, but not very long at all.  Her vet appointment the next day went well too.  She had the first appointment that morning, so she got lots of attention from the whole staff.  Now it has been almost a week since we picked her up.  She is doing well with house training, loves to play with her toys, has met our daughter, son-in-law, two of our grandchildren and their dog (a lab mix), goes into her crate at night with no fuss and tomorrow she will have completely transitioned to her new food.  She usually wakes up once during the night to go out, but then goes back in her crate and sleeps until almost 6:00 when she gets her food.  She is such a joy!  I’m going to try to attach a few pictures for you.

Thanks again for such a sweet puppy!  Our home is complete again.


Hi Roxanne,

We hope you and your family are doing well.  We wanted to update you on Julia, who we call Sadie, and send you a “family photo” that we took yesterday.  We are thoroughly enjoying her and loving every moment! (sharp puppy teeth & all)  We recently completed a 6 week puppy class (we included her graduation photo too) and will be starting an intermediate training class next Saturday.

She is has brought much joy to our lives.  We cannot believe how well she adjusted to her crate and going to bed – the third night she walked right back and went to bed without any whining – we have never had a lab do that!!  She is such a good girl!!

We get compliments all of the time on her looks & even had one man come up to us and say “Now that is how a lab is supposed to look!”  We just love her.

Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family!


Jeff & Sheri

Thank you so much!  He had a great night and it’s so wonderful to have a dog around again!


Just wanted to fill you in on Guinness (Louanna). She is doing wonderful. She is one of the best dogs I’ve ever met. She is very playful, but calm at the same time. She loves all people and is really getting accustomed to here new home. There is a Jack Russell Terrier next door that she play with a lot.  Just wanted to say thank you! She is a wonderful dog. Attached are some pictures….she is growing fast!



Hello Roxanne,

I’m sorry it has been awhile since we sent an update on Sadie. She has been keeping us very busy, and is such a blessing in our lives! She is great with my two toddlers and so smart! She trains very well!! She is now 6 months old and weighs 58 lbs! I think she’s going to be a big girl! Here are a couple of photos.

Best Regards,

Hi Roxanne, it’s the Snyders, we got “Brandy” who’s name is Luke now from you. I’m sending you some pictures and a BIG thank you! He is a true treasure! He’s a big boy and he’s not quite a year yet but he’s amazing we truly enjoy and love him to pieces. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Take care and thank you again.   The Snyder family

Thank you,

We love Carson to death he’s the best dog and he has brought so much joy to our lives. He loves being with all our friends dogs and has a great temperament. I attached a picture of Carson so you can see how he has turned out, a year later.



Hello. Merry Christmas! I sent you a Christmas card so you could see how gorgeous our guy Jackson is by now. I figured I better send you an email incase you didn’t remember him! He’ll be 3 this spring. We just love him to death! He is such a sweetheart! As you can see he loves to have his picture taken anywhere! Thanks!


Hi  Roxanne,

Hope all is well with you and your family.  We purchased one of your puppies last August, a cute yellow, female lab, you had named Amber.  We renamed her Ellie.  She is doing well and loves our other dog, Jenny.  Ellie is such a joy.  She is extremely even-tempered, friendly, and smart.  She learns new tricks in about 10 minutes (and of course learns quickly if she knows a treat is the reward!)  She was spayed a few months ago and tolerated the procedure without any problems.  She has earned the nickname “Wigglebutt” because her whole rear end, not only her tail, wags also when she sees us!  We all love her very much!  I am attempting to attach some pictures of her and our other dog Jenny.


Brenda  and Family

Hey this is Travis, just wanted you to know that Katie who we call Abby now is doing great.  We love her and she is very smart. She knows sit, gimme paw and is house trained. We are working on lots of other stuff with her. She picks up fast. She is about 20 lbs at her last visit. Here are some photos!!